9 Outstanding Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea & Everything About It

Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

We have already a post where we discussed the benefits of green tea. Now, what is matcha green tea? How is it different from the regular green tea and is it more beneficial than our regular green tea? Today we will be talking about all of these things. Okay, let us first tell you that, matcha green tea is touted to be even healthier than the normal green tea. Is it for real or is it just a marketing gimmick? We will be talking about that too. Although it comes from the same plant Camellia sinensis, the procedure of making matcha green tea is completely different. Interested to know about all the benefits of matcha green tea and also eager to know whether it lives up to the hype or not? Stick to the article to know every bit about it.

What Is matcha Green Tea: How Is It Produced?


Before we delve into the nutrient profile and benefits of matcha green tea, let us just have a clear knowledge about how these teas are grown.

Matcha tea plants are covered six weeks earlier than the harvest from the top so that they can avoid direct sunlight. The matcha tea plants do not love the sun rather they prefer shades. And the tea leaves are taken when still they are young. So like we were saying, matcha tea leaves when getting shades, boost up their chlorophyll levels and amino acid content. And thus the leaves get that lush dark green color and intense umami flavor profile. After the tea leaves are harvested, they are steamed to preserve the color and nutrients. Then the leaves are thoroughly dried. After the quality check, the qualified tea leaves (youngest, greenest, and tenderest) are refrigerated until they are ready to be ground.

The process of grinding takes a lot of time that is why hand-processed matcha teas are truly expensive. After that, the tea is packed and again refrigerated until they get shipped.

Quick Fact: Matcha tea was first originated in China during the Tang dynasty. Although it is originated in China, it has been an important part of Japanese culture and the whole process you just read about got its shape by the Japanese.

Is Matcha Green Tea Expensive?


Due to its so much labor and time-intensive process, matcha green tea is expensive. Tencha is the most high-end matcha green tea or the first flush tea that is harvested in May.

Now let us move on to the nutrient profile and benefits of matcha green tea.

Nutrient Profile: Better Than Green Tea?


If you look at the nutrient profile of matcha green tea, you will see that it contains more Catechins, L-Theanine, Protein, and Caffeine than regular green tea. And the difference is huge. Not only that, but its also high in vitamin C, total fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium content. Matcha green tea is also much more concentrated than your regular green tea. Research shows that matcha tea has nutritional value that is 10 times than the green tea and it has 137 times antioxidants than that of green tea.

Here is an infographics below showing you the amazing difference.

The comparison is between 3g green tea bag that you are supposed to brew in 8oz water and 2g matcha tea that you mix in 30z hot water.

Outstanding Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea:

Detoxes Your Liver:


Various studies have shown that matcha tea helps in protecting the health of the liver. As matcha green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, it flushes out all the toxins from your system and works as a natural flush. Benefits of matcha green tea also include protecting your liver from all the damaging effects of toxic materials. In this manner, green tea fights against severe liver diseases like toxic hepatitis.

Good For Brain:


Benefits of matcha green tea also include enhancing brain function. Regular matcha intake improves your level of attention, memory, and reaction time. Matcha contains a huge quantity of EGCG and this plant compound is long known for its ability to prevent brain diseases. EGCG improves spatial memory and enhances learning and memorizing capability.

A small study has also shown that, the older people who have consumed 2 grams of matcha green tea everyday for a contiuous period of 2 months, have developed improved brain function.

In addition, matcha tea contains a whole lot of caffeine when compared to green tea. Caffeine makes our brain work faster and in a more enhanced manner. Plus L-theanine present in matcha green tea enhances mental focus.

Decreases Stress Level:


Matcha green tea contains a high amount of L-theanine. This compound is linked with decreased anxiety and stress and promotes a feeling of relaxation in one. It improves sleep quality and reduces anxiety without causing drowsiness. Also, studies have shown that it reduces resting heart rate promoting restfulness. So if you want to resort to a drink that relaxes your mind without having any sedative effect, matcha green tea is a perfect bet for you. It makes you feel calm and more attentive towards your work.

Improves Heart Health:


One of the most amazing benefits of matcha green tea is that it is great for your heart too. Thanks to its high L-theanine content. Also, the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) present in matcha green tea as well as normal green tea supports heart health by reducing blood pressure level and bad cholesterol. In that way, it prevents stroke and other fatal cardiovascular diseases. The high amount of catechins present in matcha green tea also is good for one’s heart. When you drink matcha tea, your arteries are expanded leading to good blood flow. So, if you are suffering from heart-related diseases, including this super tea in your diet may aid in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

Good For Type-2 Diabetes:


Various researches have confirmed that matcha green tea improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in people when they drink two or more cups of this tea regularly. There are pieces of evidence that support the fact that people who have taken regular matcha green tea are less likely to develop diabetes problem. When your body becomes obese and you grow insulin resistance, your body becomes more prone to type-2 diabetes. Green tea promotes weight loss as well as improves insulin sensitivity both leading to less chance of developing the problem of diabetes. Rich in antioxidants, much higher in caffeine, matcha tea is a boon against type-2 diabetes.

Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea: Promoting Weight Loss:


One of the most effective benefits of matcha green tea is its ability to promote gentle and healthy weight loss. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that green tea consumption increases thermogenesis, the process by which our body burns calories. It increases the calorie-burning ability from 8-10% to 35-43%. So you can surely understand, why consuming matcha green tea is a smart choice if you are trying to burn fat.

Also, green tea, generously lowers down body mass index, body weight, and weight circumference when compared to other caffeine-free green tea, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Matcha is an excellent source of polyphenol too that increases the rate of metabolism and boosts weight loss.

May Prevent Cancer:


Green tea is often considered as a cancer-fighting agent. Actually this tea is loaded with flavonoids that fight the cancerous cells. Studies show that matcha green tea has a significant amount of cancer-fighting properties. The tea hinders the spread of cancer stem cells by targeting mitochondrial metabolism, glycolysis, and multiple cell signaling pathways. EGCG present in matcha has high anti-cancer properties. Researches have shown that compounds in matcha tea have helped in killing breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin, lung, and liver cancer cells in some animals as well as in the test tube environment.

Matcha For Skin:


Being an excellent skin-friendly drink, benefits of matcha green tea include promoting good health to your skin too. what this tea does is that it reduces the DNA damage of skin that is caused by the Sun’s UV rays. It also is claimed to prevent skin cancer. Match tea reduces the redness of the skin and also treats acne. This tea is anti-aging, reduces excess sebum production, and also soothes your skin from heat burn and suntan. EGCG decreases skin inflammation and evens out your skin tone too. you can even make a matcha tea face mask for yourself and it will help your skin fight against bacterial infection, acne, redness, and any irritation.

Matcha Tea For Hair:


And lastly, this lush green powdered tea has also a truckload of benefits for your hair. it is a great source of vitamin E. This promotes good hair growth and keeps your scalp and hair follicle healthy by aiding good blood circulation. So if you want to treat your hair problems and want to gift yourself problem-free, nourished, and strong hair, substitute your normal tea with matcha green tea.

So these were some of the most outstanding benefits of matcha green tea. Include it in your daily diet and you will notice how it helps you to get a healthy body and calmer mind. GO GREEN, GO MATCHA!!!

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