13 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Need To Know

There was a time when we were young, our grandparent used to massage our hair with coconut oil and we undoubtedly did not like that. But that was for obvious good reasons. Advanced researches say that coconut oil is such a natural product that is good for any of your beauty related problems. Be it your hair, your skin, your lips or your body. This is such a gift of nature that we can not make a single list with all of its beauty and health benefits. So, today we have put together some beauty benefits of coconut oil and you will be astonished to know how wonderful it is for innumerable beauty problems.

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal and is a storehouse of many such beauty benefits that is why this oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to fight against several skin and hair problems. A perfect moisturizer for your skin, a cleanser, a very good hair nourisher – this oil has multifaceted usages when it comes to talking about beauty. Let’s check out together all the major beauty benefits of coconut oil and make the most use out of it.

Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Need To Know:

Beauty Benefits To Your Skin:

A Face Cleanser:



Coconut oil can be used as an excellent face cleanser as it is antibacterial and antifungal. Moreover, it has a soothing sensation on your face. When you are done with all your daily chores, take adequate amount of oil in your palm, rub your face and neck with this oil in circular motion. As you massage the oil into your skin, your blood circulation is also geared up causing many good things to your face. Keep it for some time and wash off your face with mild face wash.

CAUTION: If you are prone to break out or acne; skip this tip.

An Excellent Makeup Remover:



Not only a face cleanser but also a fantastic makeup remover, coconut oil just works wonder to remove all of your heavy face makeup and eye make up. Take a considerable amount of coconut oil on the cotton pad and rub on your face for a good 5 to 7 minutes. Do not be too harsh while rubbing. Then wash off your face with cold water. You are done removing all the makeup without investing much on the pricey makeup remover products.

As A Moisturizer:



After all, you need a good moisturizer after you have cleaned your face and removed all the makeup and coconut oil is a perfect substitute for all the chemical products available in the market. Massage your face gently with few drops of coconut oil before you hit your bed. It will hydrate your skin and your skin will become supple and smooth when you wake up the next morning.

CAUTION: For the acne-prone people out there, do a patch test before you completely massage your face with oil so that your breakouts do not get worsened.

As A Sunburn Soother:



As summer months are here and you are getting obvious sunburns, use coconut oil as a natural sunburn relief. It reduces the redness and itchiness of skin due to sunburn and eventually soothes your skin and locks the moisture back. Actually, coconut oil is high in saturated fats so it helps to cool down or moisturize the dry and damaged skin caused by sunburn.

And As A Sunscreen:



Well as we all know that prevention is better than cure, you need to know this one of the most effective beauty benefits of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is a good sunscreen. Though it has a low SPF, compared to many other sunscreens available in the market, the hydration factor is very high in case of coconut oil. As we all know, dry soil gets more affected by the scorching sun than the moist soil, the same goes for our skin. Coconut oil makes our skin hydrated so that it becomes less prone to sun damage and sunburn. Various studies have revealed that coconut oil is effective in protecting our skin from harmful ultra-violet rays.

As A Lip Balm:



The skin of our lips is gentler than the rest of the body parts and hence needs more pampering. You will forget the problem of chapped lips once you start using coconut oil as your lip balm. No chemical, no extra expense – the best way to keep your lips moisturized.

Beauty Benefits To Your Hair:

Treats Dandruff:



The most common problem all of us face is the problem of dandruff. An overnight hot-coconut-oil treatment will help you to lock the moisture in the scalp and the roots of your hair will get well moisturized as well. Massage your hair scalp thoroughly with coconut oil, leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. your dandruff problem will get effectively reduced.

Promotes To Hair Growth:



Regular massage of coconut oil will gift you with longer and thicker hair. It is an excellent hair conditioner and regular application of warm coconut oil on your hair before shampooing will make your hair softer and shinier too. Definitely one of the most lovable beauty benefits of coconut oil.

Fights Against Frizziness:



Frizzy hair is just like a nightmare and taming your frizzy hair is possible with the application of coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on the ends of the hair strands to make them look smooth and manageable. You can mix coconut oil and some water together and keep that in a spray bottle. When you feel your hair is frizzy, just spray some onto your hair and comb through. You are done.

Promotes To Growth Of Eyelash:



Who does not want a mesmerizing, gorgeous pair of eyes? And lock, thick lashes are just so so so important for your eyes to speak those thousand words. Try coconut oil. Mix coconut oil and castor oil in the same proportion and apply onto your lash line with a Q-tip before you go to sleep. See the difference within a few weeks.

Beauty Benefits To Your Body:

An unconventional Shaving Cream:



Want to try something new and less pricey to shave your body. Try coconut oil. Coconut oil is antimicrobial, so it won’t cause any harm to your skin while you shave your legs and underarms and it will give a soothing and moisturized sensation to your shaved skin as it does not dry out your skin making it itchy and red.

A Good Cuticle-oil:



Now you don’t need to buy extra cuticle oil to protect and nourish your dear nails. You can include this very versatile coconut oil into your manicure-pedicure kit and just massage your nails well with the oil to get strong, shinier and healthier nail beds.

A Natural Stretch-marks Minimizer:



When your skin fails to maintain its elasticity due to overstretching, you get stretch marks and that makes your low waist jeans experience or sleeveless day experience horrible. Now coconut oil is an easy alternative to those high-end anti-stretch-marks creams and it will lessen the visibility of the marks with regular use. Apply coconut oil on the affected areas during night time and see the difference in a week or so.

As we said earlier, coconut oil has so many beauty benefits that the list won’t ever finish, we tried to sum up some of the most effective beauty benefits of coconut oil here and you can try it in multiple other ways. Nature mother has gifted us with so many natural things which if we can include in our beauty routine, we will get healthy skin, hair and body in no time. So from today onwards, include coconut oil in your daily beauty regimes and cut off the amount of damage you cause to your health by using chemical based products.


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