8 Simple Tips To Get Soft And Beautiful Lips Naturally

Just like the eyes, lips are also an integral part of your beauty. A pair of rosy-pink, beautiful lips is sure to catch everybody’s praise and attention. With some very easy, super simple tips you can actually get your dream pair of beautiful lips. By applying a high-end lipstick you can hide the flaws of your lips but if your lips are not healthy, moisturized and soft itself, in long run they won’t even look good with an application of lipsticks also. Makeup only looks the best when done on Don’thealthy skin and the same goes for your lips also.


The skin on your lips is even more delicate and soft than rest of your body skins. So without saying, your lips need more pampering and care. But You often ignore their needs. You use sunscreen for your face and hands but do not bother about the lips. You at least use face-wash and moisturizer for your face but lips remain badly ignored.  And when you notice dark pigmented lips which are dehydrated, chapped and dull you feel sad. So, from today onwards take special care of your delicate lips and these simple tips will guide you to get those sparkling beautiful lips naturally.

Keep Your Lips Hydrated:


The very first tip to get buttery-soft lips is to keeping them hydrated all day long. When you get dehydrated from inside, the very first body-part to alert you is the pair of your lips. So drink plenty of water throughout the day to retain the normal moisture level of your lips. In addition, eat fruits like lemon, cucumber, watermelon etc as they are of high water-content. Hydrated lips look naturally pink and glossy. 

Give Your Beautiful Lips A Good Sunscreen Protection:

Being more delicate than the rest of the skin of your body, your lips get heavily damaged when they come to frequent exposure to the harsh sunrays. Sunrays make your lips dry, dark and lifeless. To avoid these factors, make sure you give a good sun protection to your lips. Go for products which assure good sun protection. 

Here are some lip products with maximum sunscreen protection.

 HURRAW Sun Lip Balm

Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm

Colorscience Sunforgettable Lip Shine SPF 35

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick


Give Your Lips Good Exfoliation:


If you want to get soft pink beautiful lips naturally you need to make sure that your lips are well exfoliated all the time. Due to excessive pollution, dryness – lips tend to get flaky, dry and chapped. A good exfoliation will ensure that you are not having any kind of dead cells on your lips, making your lips visibly beautiful.

Sugar-scrub is an excellent lip scrub. Add some honey to the sugar and massage your lips with gentle pressure. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash off. It will gift you rosy pink soft lips. Besides, there are many easy home-made lip exfoliation recipes you can try for yourself.

Note: Don’t forget to moisturize your lips after the exfoliation. Use a good quality lip balm and lather your lips thoroughly. 

Moisturize Your Lips:

When you are keeping your lips hydrated from inside by drinking lots and lots of water, you are ensuring a good health of your lips and when you are moisturizing your lips externally you are putting an active coat of protection on your lips to prevent chapping and dryness. Choose your lip balm wisely and keep it handy to moisturize your lips as often as you can.

Go for lip balms that have almond oil, natural beeswax, and vitamin E. Avoid petroleum-based lip balms.

Here are a few recommendations of lip balms from our side.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

Brut’s Bees Lip Balm

Avoid Lipsticks As Often As You Can:


Who does not love that red, pink, brown or purple on the lips? We all love lipsticks but try to keep them for the special occasions and for the regular days just apply a good lip balm and step out of the house. If you really can’t do without some tint on your lips, go for some tinted lip balms. The dark and crazy lipstick shades are loaded with chemicals and putting them every day on your lips means you don’t love your lips. They contain harmful levels of chromium, lead, cadmium etc so stop using lipsticks on a regular basis to have beautiful lips naturally. 


Apply Softening Lip Pack Once In A While:


In order to get beautiful lips you need to show some love to your lips, right? And one of the best things you can do to pamper your lips is to apply a softening lip pack on your lips. You can make a lip pack of milk and turmeric and apply it on your lips for around 5 minutes and rinse it off. Milk is excellent in removing the dark pigmentation and turmeric will make sure that your lip is healthy. 

Try To Avoid Air-conditioned Environment:


Air-conditioner does more harm than good to your health. It aggravates both skin and hair problems making your skin dry. Ac makes your room as dry as a desert and your lips tend to lose moisture and become drier and start flaking. So, stop being addicted to Ac in order to get beautiful lips naturally. 


Reduce Your Caffeine Intake:


Though most of us can’t even think of a day without coffee or tea but extra caffeine actually makes our lips dry and dark. So try to cut down the amount of daily consumption of caffeine and drink lots of water to fight against the problem of dry, dark lips. 


The best make up you can wear is your smile and a beautiful smile is just incomplete without a rosy-soft pair of beautiful lips. These tips we provided are super simple to follow and will end up gifting you super kissable, ultra soft, problem free lips. So maintain your lips and light up every place you go with your delightful and ravishing smile.

Author: Mouli Bhattacharya

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