10 Most Beautiful Celebrities With Hazel Eye Color

Hazel Eye Color

Eyes are probably the most beautiful part of your body. The saying is very true that eyes are the mirror to one’s soul. Eyes are the first thing that we notice in a person. And it really plays an important role in making you beautiful and making you stand out in the crowd. A pair of talkative and bright eyes are sure to win everybody’s heart around. Isn’t’ it? And the color of the eyes determines how they are gonna look in person. By eye color, we mean the color of your iris. Depending on the pigmentation our iris has, it can be mainly of six colors: blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, and red or violet. Among these, hazel eye color is one of the most beautiful eye colors and they often appear to change color from brown to green to gold.

Obviously, a hazel eye looks ecstatic and they are so hard to describe. They are mostly brown eyes spangled with strokes of green. Hazel eyes have more melanin than that of the blue eyes and less than the brown eyes. Though the eye color is rare, there are some of the most beautiful female celebrities from around the world who have mysterious hazel eye color. Take a look at these gorgeous ladies with even gorgeous pair of eyes they have.

Most Beautiful Celebrities With Hazel Eye Color:



There are over 1,240,000 Google searches for knowing the eye color of Rihanna. Just imagine the craze. This Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress owns one of the most beautiful pair of eyes in the world. And let us just disclose the fact that, this gorgeous lady has a pair of dark green toned hazel eyes. No, she really does not wear contact lenses and this is her actual eye color.

Kristen Stewart:


Another most popular actress with hazel-green eyes is our very favorite Kristen Stewart. She does not have those deep dark brown eyes as her character Bella Swan had in the Twilight series. Her eyes are incredibly gorgeous and her eye make up is always on point. Sometimes it is black smoky and sometimes, she goes for a two-toned eye makeup that has been done to perfection. Her almond-shaped eyes with that deep naturally hazel eye color coupled with that right amount of good eye makeup always make her look eclectic and surreal. Aren’t believing? Go through the pictures.

Ashley Judd:


American actress and political activist Ashley Judd has an incredible pair of hazel eyes. Her radiant skin, surreal beauty is perfectly accompanied by the deep hazel eyes. She is one of the most beautiful faces in America.

Shailene Woodley:


This beautiful American actress also has a magnetic pair of hazel green eyes. Look at the picture and get mesmerized.

Natalie Cole:


Natalie Maria Cole, an American singer, songwriter, and actress rose to success as an R&B singer and then ventured as a pop singer later on in her life. Her biggest success was the album Unforgettable… in the 1990s which bought her seven grammy awards!. This gorgeous lady had a brilliant pair of peepers with brilliant hazel eye color. Alas, she is no more with us and died at the age of 65 in December 2015.

Dianna Agron:


American actress, singer, dancer, and director Dianna Agron has beautiful hazel eye color. She is incredibly beautiful with a fairy-like face and her dewy complexion and hazel eyes enhance her beauty quotient so gracefully.

Demi Moore:


One of the most alluring looking ladies in the business, Demi Moore rocks her fabulous skin with those equally spellbinding pair of hazel eyes. She has deep-set almond eyes with that lovely hazel gazes.

Hillary Duff:


This sizzling American beauty exudes charm with her heart-melting smile and dewy envious skin. And to add to her beauty she has such a lovely pair of gleaming peepers with hazel eye color.

Lady Gaga:


Oh yes, if you were just wondering and pondering about what eye color does this diva has, let us tell you that, this megawatt star apart from being famous for her outrageous outfits has a spellbinding pair of hazel eyes. She is wonderful, provocative, and a diva that everybody around looks up to.

Antonia Thomas:


This British actress and singer has a swooping pair of eyes with hazel eye color. She is best known or her roles as Alisha Daniels in the E4 comedy-drama series Misfits, Dr. Claire Browne in the ABC drama series The Good Doctor, and Evie on the Channel 4/Netflix comedy series Lovesick.

so these were some of the most famous celebrities with lovely hazel eye color. Did you find your favorite lady’s name on the list?

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