13 Beach Essentials You Need To Carry While On A Beach Vacay

Hi, guys… all of you lovely people out there who are planning for their next beach vacation, this article today is gonna be very helpful for you as today we have summed up all those essential items which you should pack carefully while you are packing your beach vacation bag. Beach essentials include those pretty swimsuits, the must carry sunscreen, the slippers, the sunnies, beach hat, a good lip balm and much more such stuff.  Not only these fashion related stuff, there are many more must-stock items which you should not forget while you head to your beach destination.

Finding the must carry items for your any vacation can be a troublesome job and often we tend to forget something or the other at the last moments of hustle and bustle. So, always make a checklist mentioning all the necessary items you need to carry beforehand. That way you will be saving time and by ticking off the items in your checklist which you have already packed in your bag, your anxiety level will also get reduced. So, before you start packing for your vacay, give a quick read to our today’s article and make it a point to carry all these beach essentials so that you can have all those fun in the sun.

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Beach Essentials You Need To Carry While On A Beach Vacay:

Clothing Items:



Obviously, you will need sexy swimsuits while you chill in the beach. We recommend you to pack three or at least two swimwears so that you always have an option of dry swimsuit while others are wet. Pack comfortable, supportive swimsuits as for any sort of water adventures, they will serve you the best.

We love this tropical printed black floral swimsuit.

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A Stylish Cover-Up:


Cover clothing items are one of the most important beach essentials. A stylish cover-up will save you from the harsh rays of the sun and you can prevent yourself from having troublesome sunburns. Not only that, while you are getting back to your resort or heading to the beach through the common areas you need something to cover yourself up if you are not that comfortable in walking around in your bikini.

This pink cover-up is chic and comfortable for your ultimate beach relaxation.

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Travel Underwear:

Packing the right kind of underwear is as essential as the swimsuits and cover-ups. We suggest you to pack at least 6 to 8 pairs of underwear as you do not know when you need a new one. Go for comfortable, breathable fabric and make sure that they are quick drying. Cotton is not the best choice in this matter as cotton takes a longer time to dry. Go for synthetic blend fabrics and enjoy your days of the vacation.

Besides, you need to carry comfortable linen clothing, some pair of tank tops and shorts, A good pair of denim, flowy skirts or even maxi dresses. After all, you need to look your best in every photograph as you are getting such wallpaper like background everywhere.

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A Beach Bag:


A beach bag is very necessary as you need something to carry your water bottles, floaties, sunscreen, a book, beach mats to your towels – when you are heading toward the beach. Carry a medium sized beach tote bag and you are sorted.

We love this multicolored waterproof beach tote bag for its instant boho feel.

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Light Flip-flops:


A perfect pair of lightweight flip-flops or sliders is obviously one of the must-mention beach essentials. Carry at least two pairs of flip-flops as these are one of the beach staples. Make sure they are comfortable and you can walk in them for the longest time without having blisters on your feet. Play with colors and tasseled or beaded sandals will be more fun to flaunt. Showoff your quirky self while you play with the designs and colors of your sliders.

We love these cool flip-flops. Choose your best pair from the array.

Beach Hat:


A cool straw hat to protect your pretty face from the scorching sun is a must-carry thing to a beach vacation. In addition, to protect your head and face, beach hats can be one of the most stylish fashion accessories as well.

We love the Blue bead detailing of this cowboy straw hat.

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Good Pair Of Sunglasses:


Do not forget a cute pair of sunglasses as it is one of the never forget beach essentials. Invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses as they will keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun. When you are nearer to the ocean, the sun rays are reflected off the ocean and that put your skin and eyes at a higher risk of damage. So make sure you get a good pair.

We love this Ray-Ban Brown Gradient Sunglasses.

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A Good Sunscreen:


Now there is really nothing much to say about the necessity of carrying a good sunscreen while on a beach vacation. Go for a higher SPF sunscreen and make sure it has both UVA and UVB protection. Reapply your sun-shield when needed and enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest. Try the waterproof sunscreens for the best protection.

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A Good Hair Sunscreen:


Do not ignore your dear hair while you are on a beach vacation. The harsh rays of the sun are enough to make them dry and frizzy. So apart from carrying straw hats always keep a god hair sunscreen handy in your beach tote and apply when needed.

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Beach Towel:


You need to carry a good beach towel to lay down at the beach or to dry off the water after you get back from the sea after a long session of a swim. Though all resorts more or less provide towels yet carrying your own thingie is always better from the hygiene point of view.

We are in love with this gypsy kind of boho, round beach towel.

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Coconut Oil:


Do not forget this multi-tasking baby when you are out for your beach vacay. It is a good sunscreen and an efficient sunburn soother as well. It will also serve you as a shaving cream, make-up remover, moisturizer and body lotion. So you don’t really need to bulk up your bag by carrying individual stuff for every purpose if you carry a bottle of virgin coconut oil with you.

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Beach Essential Equipments:



Go for GoPro instead of any pricey camera as they might get sand in them and GoPro is waterproof as well. GoPro is the best action camera and will help you to record all those exciting moments of your scuba diving or underwater activities. Apart from capturing videos, it is also great for clicking still photographs. You may need to photoshop them a little bit afterward but they are good.

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Selfie Stick:


You need a good selfie stick to ensure that you get a good group photograph of your full team.

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besides all of these beach essentials, you do need to carry your photo Ids, emergency medicines, personal hygiene products, some dry foods, good books, and things which you think is essential for you. In today’s busy life, getting a few days for yourself is something like God’s blessings and traveling to different places during that time is something best you can gift to yourself. So pack your bag and head out with your friends or family. Do not forget to carry these essentials while you are on your beach vacation and enjoy the fun days under the sun to the fullest.

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