7 Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors You Have To Check Out

Bathroom Paint Colors

Paint colors have always been an integral part of any decoration project. Be it your bedroom, your living area or your kitchen. And Bathroom paint colors are the trickiest to choose as this particular area of your home lacks in abundant natural lighting. The size of your bathroom, the floor type, its color, and the available lighting – these things come into major consideration while choosing the right color palette for the bathroom. Playing up with grey and white is quite common and obviously safe, but if you can break the monotony, your bathroom interior can speak for your personality.

You may have planned luxurious bathroom fixtures, gorgeous floor tiles and lavish countertop backsplash to match up to your aesthetic but without the perfect bathroom paint colors, everything looks quite dull and less perfect. Teal, neon colors, hues of metal colors, and even black – you can bring life and fun to your bathroom if you know the right tips and tricks. If you do not have the luxury of having a large bathroom, do not overdo your color game. The idea is to making your smaller bathroom look roomier and airier, therefore it needs to be painted in soft and light radiating colors like pastels and shades of beige, grey, and white. Here we present some of the most trending bathroom paint colors ideas that will inspire you to achieve the best ever bathroom scene of your life. Let’s begin.

Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors You Have To Check Out:

Cool Blues:


Blue is one of the safest colors to go for regardless of the size of your bathroom. blue is refreshing and it is calming at the same time. The cooler shades of blue like Cadet Blue, shades of Sky Blues, Azure Blue, Ultramarine Blue – these look gorgeous in the smaller bathrooms as they create an illusion of bigger space and reflect the available light making your bathroom feel brighter and roomier. Mix and match with these shades and you can incorporate colored brick in your decor too. Maximize the effect of cool blues with classic golden accent pieces and a hint of green plants.

Warm Blues:


While the dusty blues and pale blues have calming and expanding effect on your mind, warm blues like Tropical Aqua, a jazzy Inky Blue or a Turquoise Blue will amp up your bathroom by adding a cozy and strong vibe. You can incorporate blue and grey stripes or can paint one wall in playful teal and leave other walls white to throw a catchy contrast. If you have a big plush bathroom, you may even go for a nautical theme. Install a navy bathtub, paint the walls with different shades of blue, and hang bright nautical-themed accents onto the wall to get a stunning result.

Black Out:


A black bathroom may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But if you love drama, if you want something that is out of the box – go for a bold black bathroom. Black is a flexible color and it can be matched with any neutral shades. If you keep your bathroom fixtures and sink all black, balance out the drama by choosing grey flooring and neutral wall colors. Black bathroom tiles are also very Instagram famous nowadays. Black tiles backsplash looks so smart when complemented with a white sink and neutralizing countertop.


Black bathroom paint colors have unending variations to choose from. Starting from the Raisin Black, Eerie Black to Black with slight blue or brown undertone – there is an ocean of blacks to choose from. A black bathroom looks the best where there are abundant natural lights.

Dreamy Creamy White:


A white, too bright or too stark can be strenuous for your eyes. For a soothing and relaxing bathing experience, choose a white that is buttery or creamy. It will add depth to your space.


White that has blue or green undertone is best for your most intimate space. If your bathroom gets abundant sunlight, then consider painting the walls in cooler hues of white. If your bathroom lacks in natural light, paint it in warmer, slightly yellowish-white. A blue-toned white also rightly complement most of the marbles.

Go for dusty pink or blush pink bathroom storage wardrobes and a splash of green plants to pull off that dreamy feel to the maximum.

Breezy Soft Green:


A breezy foamy soft green just welcomes you like a nice smelling spa. Soft green is one of the very offbeat bathroom paint colors that is not only contemporary and chic but is very classy and sophisticated at the same time.


Green is one color that goes with any sort of decor theme. A contemporary bathroom that has soft green as wall color can be teamed with hexagonal white floor tiles and ivory countertop.

Green geometric mosaic would also work great as your backsplash and any shade of soft green like a Sage Green will easily melt into the white flooring of the bathroom making an illusion of bigger space. Choose your green wisely to see how magically it transforms your bathroom.

The Taupe Twist:


If you want to play your color game safe, blindly go for this versatile brownish gray shade. Taupe is a color that suits everybody’s taste. It will go well with a modern bathroom as well as with a rustic bathroom without spoiling the right mood of the theme.


Go for a brownish taupe if you want more earthy tone in your space. Whereas, a more greyish taupe is quite cool-toned and is the best for modern styles and tastes.


Taupe is actually a neutral that has unending number of undertones. Depending on your taste, you can choose Mauve Taupe, Pale Taupe to Purple Taupe.

Golden accents or marbles with golden vein complements taupe color so well. Ceramic flooring or textured stone flooring will easily blend into the neutral color code of the taupe.

Incorporating vintage candle holders, nice bathroom linens, and cozy bathroom fixtures will add to the elegance and tranquility of a taupe colored bathroom.

Pink Play:


Pink is such a beautiful color that pairs well with both the modern interior and the traditional ornate interior. You can keep your bathroom ceiling and trim crisp white and a nice bright pink paired with that white will provide your washroom a lively personality.

The color pink stands for inner peace, harmony, and it has a very sweet vibe. So as bathroom paint colors, hues of pinks are very adorable and calming. To play pink safe, keep your bathroom cabinetry muted white and choose rose-gold or golden hardware to enhance that dreamy feel inside the bathroom.

For flooring, you can go for white Siberian tiled floors. Or, else, geometric tiles and white marbles will add that much-needed characteristic to your candy floss or bubblegum bathroom.

So, these were some of the most trending bathroom paint colors that can instantly give a wow makeover to your old bathroom. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket and yet you get mesmerizing, appealing bathroom if you know how to play with paint colors. Hope you have found these tips helpful and will incorporate these in your next bathroom remodeling very soon. Take care and stay safe till we meet. Loves.

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