8 Best Mouthwatering And Delicious Banana Recipes To Try

Banana Recipes

Bananas are one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits available out there which is also a breakfast staple. These yellow fruits are not only good to eat on their own but also are one of the best ingredients to use in many at-home recipes. It is quite obvious that we, in the first place will think of smoothies, and shakes. But what about those cakes, pies, pancakes, fritters, which too are amazing banana recipes? Even if you have some ripe bananas lying around in your kitchen that have gone a bit brown, just feel free to make some best use out of them by trying these tasty banana recipes. Some of these banana recipes are kids approved and some will be a tasty treat to the whole family. 

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Still, thinking what you can whip up with those ripe bananas? Well, they can be used in baking and also will add sweetness and health to many more recipes. How about a banana ICE CREAM though? Sounds joyous, right? So we won’t keep you waited any longer and now let us now move on to some of the best banana recipes that are next-level delicious.

Best Mouthwatering And Delicious Banana Recipes To Try:

Banana Cream Pie:

The summer dessert scene can’t get any refreshing. This is one of the easy-to-prep ideas of banana recipes and is all filled with the rich flavor of banana and vanilla. It melts into smooth and creamy ecstasy in your mouth when you have a bite of it. The crust of the pie is made up of vanilla wafers and banana syrup and the ‘to die for’ pie is topped with whipped cream and banana topping. We never knew that a pie can get this delicious. 


Banana And Mango Green Smoothie:

Banana is one of the most versatile fruits you have when it comes to making a smoothie recipe. You can try making a hundred variations of banana smoothie recipes. This green smoothie is somewhat unique as it mixes mango and banana with spinach. When you do not like the green flavor of spinach but want to get all the nutrients from it in a smoothie, try this banana green smoothie. The sweet and creamy taste of mango and banana will efficiently suppress the green flavor of the spinach and it is everything about an incredibly refreshing and healthy summer cool flavor served in a glass in your hand. Full of health and taste, we love this recipe to bits. 


Banana And Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie:

Who does not love brownies? And these chewy and not-so-sweet treats are more than just a satisfying snack and will make for great dessert recipes. The delightful chocolate brownies get a taste enhancement when you add bananas to the recipe. They sweeten the brownies and also make them soft and moist on the inside. Serve your brownies with freshly cut thin slices of banana topping and enjoy. 


Upside-Down Banana Monkey Bread:

One of the most exciting banana recipes to make for the upcoming brunch party or family get-together, these pieces of bread get a praise-worthy pull-apart shape. Easy to whip up and tastes heavenly as you get to add milk, ripe bananas, butter, all-purpose flour, and banana extract to it, upside-down banana monkey bread is the perfect crowd-puller. Add banana slices and pecans as toppings and wait for everybody to start praising you once they have tasted the bread. 


Crispy Banana Fritters:

Ripe bananas are so versatile and these warm dessert fritters are just irresistible. Coat your ripe banana pieces with the smooth batter made with flour, egg, and milk, and simply fry them until golden brown in a deep saucepan. Cinnamon powder and the honey dip elevate the taste quotient of the fritters up to the next level. These yummy crispy fritters taste the best when served warm with a portion of ice cream. 


Banana Pound cake:

Oh my god! This pound cake just looks like a beautiful lotus flower. And its sweet taste and moist texture make it one of the most delectable banana recipes to try. Ripe bananas, vanilla extract, lemon extract, and sour cream together make for a signature sweet and tangy taste and when you drizzle the glaze over the pre-baked cake, it gets all ready to be served to the crowd. The cake can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 month. 


Banana Egg Pancake:

Pancakes are easy breakfast solutions and this 2-ingredient pancake is not at all frustrating to make. Mash your bananas. Whisk eggs and pour that into the bowl of mashed banana. Mix them together. Fry your pancakes on a low-medium heat with butter and you are ready with your tasty breakfast treat in just no time. Eat your stack of banana pancakes with honey or maple syrup and slices of fruits. 


Strawberry, Mango And Banana Smoothie:

If you are looking for a healthy snacking option for your kids and family, then this is the one for you. This smoothie has that exact amount of rich creaminess that you want and is so easy to make. It has all the seasonal fruits and to top everything, it is mouthwateringly delicious. Your kids will love to repeat this snack every single day, we bet. Blend the fruits and yogurt together, add a slash of orange juice and some ice cubes and your summer cooler is ready. Certainly, one of the most creamy and smooth banana recipes to try.


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