10 Balcony Décor Ideas To Make Your Balcony Better And Beautiful


If you are living in a city, a private balcony is surely an urban oasis in the midst of the concrete jungle. Getting a small but private space that is entirely yours and lets you feel the freshness of outside while you are in your house is really a tempting idea. So if you are among those fortunate souls who have got access to an outdoor space, you really need to deck up the space to make it more comfortable and stylish. Every balcony, whether small or big, has enough potential to be a pretty corner of the house. Looking out for some quick balcony décor ideas about how you can transform your outdoor area into a smiling breathable oasis? Read out the article to get ideas and inspirations.

Your balcony must be two things: relaxing and open. It should allow you to breathe and give you that utmost comfort when you sip a cup of coffee while the sun is setting on the horizon. Give personality to your balcony by adding plants, colorful rugs, and unique lightings. Balcony décor ideas are definitely not the same as the bedroom or living room décor ideas would be. Here you need to focus on how you can keep the openness of the area intact. Bring in greenery and maximize the open space of the floor area so that it does not feel claustrophobic. Want to know more about balcony décor ideas and tips? Then you surely need to give this post a quick read.

Balcony Décor Ideas To Make Your Balcony Better And Beautiful:

Use Space-saving Furniture:


The most important idea to make your balcony cozy and useful is to opt for space-saving furniture. It will increase the feeling of openness of your balcony and the balcony will appear to be roomier. Folding small furniture is apt for small balconies. Hanging corner shelves, detachable stands are clever installations to your balcony set up. Go for wall-mounted candle holders and flower pots to keep the floor space open. Portable stools, hinged tables are wise additions to your balcony. The railing iron in your balcony can be used to hang anything you want, even your small balcony bar. Give it a thought.

Utilize The Wall Space:


The biggest mistake we make is not making the maximum utilization of the wall space. Using vertical space wisely is one of the most effective balcony décor ideas. Plant shelves, wall hanging stands, light fixtures – install them on the walls. This idea will make your balcony feel less cluttered and clean. In most of the city apartments, space constraint is the biggest constraint. So using the vertical space wisely is something you can do to use the space of your balcony in the best ay possible.

Add More Greeneries:


Plants add liveliness to any boring and blank area. And if you have got a private balcony you gotta add some leafy and beautiful plants. Plants make your balcony look prettier, breathable, and also act as a privacy screen. Plants filter the air, you get to breathe in some fresh oxygen. For the potted plants, you can creatively design your pots. Also, flowering climbers would look beautiful on the railing iron of your balcony. Marigolds, Petunia, Morning Glory are some of the best plants for your balcony.

Use Soft Lightings:


Lightings definitely play a major role in the décor game of any room. One of the most important balcony décor ideas is to go for soft indirect lights. Obviously, your balcony lights need not be as loud as your room lights. You want a soft and romantic vibe in your balcony. It will make the space more inviting and you will automatically spend more time lounging there. Soft lights soothe our nerves and calm down our minds. Also, your light fixture should be visually appealing and it should also match with the entire theme of your balcony. Hanging pendant lights look so unique in the exterior. String lights also look attractive.

Add Pop Of Color:


Unexpected colors add personality to your urban oasis. While rustic color palette adds a rustic feel to your balcony, a pop of bright color would add more fun elements to the space making it more visually attractive and interesting. Neon pink cushions, a multicolor floor rug, or a royal blue table runner would jazz up the space in no time. Go for colored accessories and painted railing irons to make your urban oasis a happy and vibrant place. Painted flower pots, balcony furniture in subtle pastel shades make your balcony scream summer and fresh.

Add A Swing:


Swings are nostalgic. All of us have stories associated with the swings. Making a provision of swing in the balcony is one of the most welcoming balcony décor ideas. Go for a comfortable rattan swing or a free-standing variety if you are living in a rented apartment. Just throw some pillows on your swing and make it comfortable. And you are all ready to enjoy your summer afternoon singing in your balcony admiring the beauty of the outside.

Add Some Shade:


If your balcony is kind of open, try to add some shade to your space. A protective shade will protect your balcony furniture from weathering and you can also enjoy the extra sitting time there no matter what the weather condition is. You can add shade with plants or going for awnings is also one of the best balcony décor ideas anybody can give you. Putting up an outdoor umbrella is an affordable option and will make the area worth enjoying all year round.

Hang Roller Shades:


Overhead protection is not enough for your balcony. As the sun changes its inclination throughout the day, you need to make sure that your cozy corner is protected from every side. Roller shades are the best in this matter. Besides they also ensure privacy. Go for long-lasting, durable, and strong materials. Bamboo, jute roller shades are the best choices to go for.

Add Bird Feeders:


Welcome the colorful tiny little guest in your balcony by hanging cute bird feeders. Make your bird feeder look enticing and attach that to the wall. Hanging feeders also look cute. Add a tray beneath the bird feeder bowl to avoid any spillage on the floor.

Balcony Décor Ideas: Flooring Idea:


Choosing the best flooring material for your balcony, obviously if taking a decision is in your hand, can be quite a tough game. The flooring material should be easy to clean, durable, and waterproof. You may consult with experts before choosing the flooring material. Concrete floor is the most affordable and durable option, whereas, porcelain and floor tiles are the best when it comes to choosing a visually appealing material. Going for the right flooring is one of the best balcony décor ideas to make your exterior space look ravishing, and inviting.

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