7 Best Ideas Of Animal Tattoos That You Will Love To Get

Animal Tattoos

Tattoo lovers love to play with many themes and the animal tattoo is one of the most popular themes that everybody loves to explore. Whether it is your first tattoo or the second one, getting your favorite animal inked on your skin is a lovely experience. It can be your favorite animal or your spirit animal, animal tattoos are also very symbolic and hold significant meaning. And these tattoos are some of the most ancient tattoos that are popular and quite significant among tribal cultures and their lifestyle too. If you were also looking out for some cool to powerful animal tattoos, below are a few designs to consider for sure.

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Best Ideas Of Animal Tattoos That You Will Love To Get:

Flying Bird Tattoos:


Birds symbolize freedom, protection, and strength. And they look visually the most appealing when you ink them on your body and they are depicted in their flying movements. There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to talking about bird tattoos for women. From colorful small birds to big black birds with intricate wings, bird tattoos are real stunners and are among the best ideas of animal tattoos.

Elephant Tattoos:


Elephant tattoos are one of the most famous unisex tattoo designs that appeal to both genders. They are versatile and they are adorable. These tattoos are flexible enough to fit anywhere on your body. And that makes them one of the most-tried tattoos all over the world. Elephants are taken as a universal symbol of wisdom, strength, luck, and loyalty. They are symbols of prosperity and are believed to drive away all the obstacles from life when worn as a tattoo. Go by its symbolic meaning or just fall for its beauty, elephant tattoos, when placed at the proper place and styled well can prove to be one of the best ideas of enigmatic animal tattoos.

Wolf Tattoo:

If you are strong and untamed in nature and want to have an animal inked on your body that best describes your nature, go get a wolf tattoo. They have so many varieties and meanings and can be got in too many shapes and sizes. If you are trying to get something subtler try a minimalist tattoo design or go extravagant with a realistic big-size wolf tattoo on your back. Mandala designs and tribal designs look fantastic when wolf tattoos are incorporated with them.

Snake Tattoo:

Fierce and dangerous, a snake tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are fearless by heart and want to have a very strong and badass tattoo that will be envied by all, a snake tattoo will be one of the best animal tattoos to say yes to. They can be adapted to fit at any part of your body and come in many designs that symbolize different things. A small snake tattoo will be a wonderful discreet tattoo whereas, a make tattoo combined with a skull will add a Gothic appeal to your persona.

Bee Tattoo:

Coming to some animal tattoos that are very cute and dainty, we just had to include this adorable tattoo idea on our list and that is an idea of a bee tattoo. Emblem of love, purity, and wisdom, bee tattoo is a unique tattoo idea for those who have an eye for cute and meaningful tattoos. Bee tattoos can be made in a smaller size and be placed at your wrist or at your ankle area. A bigger bee tattoo can comfortably be placed on your chest, neck, or back. Tiny or minimalist ones look even cuter when you choose to get them between your finger or behind the ear. They symbolize life, they symbolize teamwork, and the bees know how to rule.

Bat Tattoo:

Feeling Halloween? You need to gift yourself a bat tattoo. Bat tattoos are iconic, spooky, and they can be rightly fitted at any part of your body. Under the collarbone, on the forearm, or near the ankle, these bat tattoos look amazing and different throughout the year. Plus, bat tattoos can be both cute and creepy depending on the design you choose. Let them rest behind your ear or let them crawl up your arm, bat tattoos are one of the craziest animal tattoos to get.

Owl Tattoo:

A symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, an owl tattoo can be worn for its meaningfulness and uniqueness. In many cultures, they also symbolize mystery, magic, and are also worshipped as spiritual guides. Also, there are cultures where owls are not considered a symbol of wisdom. Rather, they are considered unlucky. So, this is evident that owls are quite mysterious and complex and bear deep meaning, and conform to different things in different cultures. If you can relate to its symbolism and want to wear animal tattoos that are quite intense and describe your nature, owl tattoos are one of the most unique and quirky tattoos that you will love to get.

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