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Well, if you are a female belonging to the 21st century, you must be always running always out of time. You might not get the luxury of enough time in hand to do elaborate research on fashion, beauty, healthcare, wellness, and how to style your home. And there comes the reason behind our existence. We do the most minute research on behalf of our readers and put forward every article that will help you to lead a healthy and happy life. Our tagline, ‘making life beautiful’ clearly explains everything.

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At litlepinkdiary.com we cover all those niches that matter to a woman the most. Here goes a precise list:


Oh, c’mon. Your fashion is the mirror of the inner you and we provide the best fashion tips and tricks to make you look more confident, empowered, and super trendy. Under this category, you will find an array of articles that encompass everything from styling tips to new fashion trends to tattoos to accessory ideas to everything – check it out for yourself.


This category deals in everything that is related to beauty. Starting from DIY beauty recipes to updating you with the latest beauty products available in the global market – we have solution to your every beauty pursuit.


Your overall wellbeing matters to us the most and hence we felt the necessity of including this category. We come up with articles on health tips, wellness advice, effective remedies to your mental and physical problems under this category that are again backed by intensive research work.


DIY is fun and it enriches your creative self. And Littlepinkdiary aims at stirring up your creativity. Whenever you have a couple of hours or two in hands, scroll though our DIY articles and create new art and crafts with the help of our amazing collection of DIY ideas.

Home Decoration:

We believe that your life can never be completely happy and contented without having a beautiful home. Our ‘home decoration’ category is all about inspiring you to get a ravishing house. We have décor tips for everybody keeping in mind your budget, preference, and choice. Gardening tips, Furniture idea, best color idea for your indoor, indoor plantation tips – we have got everything covered.

Mixed Bag:

Sometimes, on the go or in between the works, we all love to go through some articles which do not require our full attention. Consider some beautiful quotes or some song recommendations or some gifting ideas – you would love to hang out at this category.

We are always up for making your reading experience better and flawless. And for that reason, we may increase or decrease the numbers of categories here according to the need.

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Coming to this factor, we must disclose that revenue generation is a very important factor to run a blog. There is a enthusiastic team that works with all their effort to bring the best articles in all the niches we cover. We believe in a great user experience as we value our readers. But as we said, to run all these factors smoothly, money is a fuel to us. As of now, we use only affiliate marketing as our revenue generating source, but we are looking forward to join ad networks very soon.

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