16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Quenepas You Never Knew


Having many other names like genip, guinep, ginepa, quenepa, talpa, kinnip, and many many more, quenepas are one of the most impressive fruits that are native to the Americas. It has excellent nutritional values and exerts so many health benefits. You must have heard about the fruit, Spanish lime which grows abundantly in the Caribbean, and Spanish lime is nothing other than quenepas. A tree in the soapberry family, they have small round green fruits with thin but rigid and leathery skin. The fruit is called quenepa mainly in Puerto Rico and you can call it a cross between a lime and lychee. It has both a sweet and tangy taste. Fresh fruit has a soft pulpy jelly-like texture and a seed inside. Belonging to the family of which lychee and rambutan trees are also members, these small fruits have a truckload of health benefits that you must check out below.

This popular tropical fruit in the Caribbean is low in fat and calories. Half a cup of kinnip contains about 1g of protein, 19 g of carbohydrates, about 2 g of fiber, and also is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Also, you get a good amount of vitamin A and C in it when consumed. Quenepas have a bittersweet, wine-like taste which is awesome to have as a raw fruit. In popular cultures, these are also used to make alcoholic drinks and soft beverages. Let’s find out below what amazing health benefits can you get when you decide to have these sweet round drupe.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Quenepas You Never Knew:

Good For Diabetic Patients:


The problem of diabetes can be a threat to a healthy body and life. And fruits that are able to lower down your blood sugar must be welcomed in your day to day to diet. The amino acids present in quenepas are excellent in lowering your blood sugar levels. It improves the insulin-glucose balance in your body and thus preventing the sudden peaks of blood sugar level. A sudden spike in blood sugar can be deadly if you are a diabetic patient or are at high risk of blood sugar.

Helps Lower Blood Pressure:


Amino acids – tryptophan and lysine present in kinnips help in lowering down the blood pressure level. The phenolic compounds present in these fruits excellently protect your cardiovascular health. When you eat vitamin C and A rich foods, it directly helps your cardiovascular health. The fruit is also helpful in preventing the effect of oxidative stress in the cells and blood vessels.

Kinnips are one of the best fruits that have dietary fiber in them and that will take care of heart blockage and any cardiovascular diseases if you have any.

Good For Bone Health:


Calcium-rich foods make our bones and teeth stronger and we all want to have healthy bones and teeth. And Quenepas being one of the greatest sources of vitamins is a very good bone food and will prevent any bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. As you age, your bones tend to lose their strength and that is why you really need to include such foods in your diet that increase the durability of your bones. Our body faces a decrease in bone mineral density and other age-related bone problems due to increasing age. To prevent all of these from happening, you can really consider eating guineps.

Prevents Anemia:


If you have a low level of iron in your body, it may lead to iron-deficiency anemia. When you have iron deficiency, your body can not produce hemoglobin. And quenepas or talpas contain a very high amount of iron that is essential for the production of red blood cells. So from now on, start to have Spanish limes and make sure that your body does not face any problem related to iron deficiency.

Boosts Immunity System:


Spanish Limes prevent any build-up of viruses and bacteria in your body and make your immunity system stronger. It contains phosphorus, vitamin C, A, and many more rich minerals. Vitamin C helps to produce more blood cells which are very crucial in making your immunity system stronger. Full of antioxidants and other goodness, these fruits reduce the bad effect of oxidative stress in your bodies.

Good For Digestion:


A very rich source of dietary fiber, these fruits will improve your digestion power and will reduce any stool related problems like constipation. If you suffer from ill digestion and experience cramping and bloating, you need to try these impressive fruits. This fruit will help you with problems like abdominal pain, flatulence, and IBS as well.

Promotes Weight Loss:


What else do we need in life? A single fruit that has so many health benefits. It is awesome, right? Quenepas are low in fat and calories and that is why they are excellent snacking options. And as these fruits have high fiber content, they will make you feel full for a long period of time and you will feel less hunger pang that leads to untimely and unhealthy eating making you more obese. So if you are on a weight-loss mission and looking out for a healthy snacking option, give quenepas a try.

Also Aids Sleep:

Sleeplessness can lead to hazardous health. And a good night’s sleep is definitely everything that we need in our life. There is a compound present in quenepas which is known as tryptophan and this compound is an excellent sleep-inducing compound. It helps to accelerate the production of serotonin hormone which is responsible for our good mood and feeling of happiness. And when you have no anxiety and stress in your mind, you can go for a quiet and restful sleep. So if you have insomnia and nervous breakdown problem, having Spanish lime every day may prove to be really beneficial for your health.

Maintains Good Eyesight:


A good source of vitamin A, quenepas are really helpful in maintaining the health of your eyesight. They protect the cornea portion of your eye and reduce the chance of you being a patient of nyctalopia. In this disease, you will find difficulties in seeing things in low light. So if you want to have healthy eyesight with no vision problem at all, snack on some fresh Spanish lime.

Other Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Quenepas:

  • These tiny fruits are very good to have if you have lung or urinary infections. If you suffer from bladder infections, there should be foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin A. and Spanish limes being packed with a truckload of this vitamin is surely gonna ensure good urinary tract health to you.
  • Also is good for pregnant women.
  • Helps in preventing and treating kidney problems.
  • If you often suffer from cold and flu, Spanish limes will effectively fight against flu causing viruses and bacteria.
  • It may also stop the spread of malignant cells in cancer patients.
  • May cure stomach ulcer.
  • Irritated by your acne problems? It is effective in treating skin problems too.

Side Effects Of Eating Too much Quenepas:

Everything in moderation good for our health. Overconsumption of anything, no matter how good that be, is not at all recommended for our body. And Spanish limes will also cause you some health hazards if you eat them beyond a certain limit.

  • Too much dietary fiber will cause ill digestion and poor absorption of nutrients. Overconsumption of dietary fiber will also cause water retention and dehydration.
  • If you see any allergic reaction after consuming these fruits, stop eating them.
  • May increase the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Overconsumption of antioxidants may lead to hemorrhagic stroke and lung cancer.

So, these were everything that you needed to know about quenepas. They come with impressive health benefits and also taste uniquely delicious. So consider having a few of them regularly and enjoy good health naturally.

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