Floral Home Decor Ideas

10 Prettiest Floral Home Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Flowers are so far the most beautiful and most versatile beautifying objects in the world. They are fresh, they are dainty, and they are effortlessly beautiful. And when you use them to decorate your home you can actually never go wrong. A bunch of red rose looks the best all the time. But yes, floral arrangement is an art and not everybody is a pro at this. So, in this article, we have come up with some of the prettiest floral home decor ideas which will just change the ambiance of your home. And with their warm and pleasant appearance, you are bound to spend more of your time indoors, breathing in some fresh, fragrant air. So, without wasting any further time let’s just get into the pretty floral ideas.

Floral Home Decor Ideas:

Tulips With A Twist Of Cabbage:

Our very first floral decoration idea is a fun game altogether. Substitute your good old ceramic vase with this natural and fresh, from the garden, cabbage vase option. This requires very little of your effort and looks just flattering. Put the fresh tulips inside the cabbage vase and your DIY floral arrangement would become a wow piece of art. Throw the cabbage into the compost bin once you’re done. A green option to beautify your space.


Paper Bag Bouquet:

Your everyday paper bag never looked so beautiful. DIY is all about stirring your creative side a bit up. This, one of the prettiest floral home decor ideas, is nothing but wonderful creativity. Mix and match your flowers and make separate bouquets. Fasten the neck of the bag with cute ribbons or laces and put them in a row in the corridor.


The Asparagus Arrangement:

Spring asparagus and lovely violet flowers can make magic in your living room. Put this baby on your dining table or center table and be amazed by its unconventional beauty. All you need is some spring asparagus, flowers of your choice, a small can, rubber bands, and some raffia to cover the rubber bands.


Crater full of Blossom:

An unpolished crate made of bamboo or wood is such a creative thing to play with when it comes to talking about the decoration of your sweet home. Collect some pretty pastel flowers like hydrangeas, lisianthus, snapdragons and arrange them in the crate. A perfect decorative piece for your outdoor party table or your bedside table.

Get inspired by our off-beat floral home decor ideas and implement them in your decoration.

Vegetables or Flowers!:

Have you ever played with vegetables and flowers together? Mini-artichokes, broccoli, asparagus, kale and on the other hand take tulips, lilies, and other pastel shaded flowers. Take a floral oasis that you will find at any craft or floral supply store easily. Now push the vegetables and flowers into the oasis. Your unique floral home décor piece is ready to woo everybody.


Rain Boots With Flowers:

This one is seriously unconventional. Fill up your unused rain boots with some cool toned flowers and just hang them somewhere in your leaving room. Place vases inside both the boots and stabilize them with tissue papers. Decorate it with daisies or lilies and hang them on a nail. You can even go for cute little prints for your boots and can play with colorful flowers to add different vibes.


Fresh Lemon And Herbs:

If you want to invite that summer fresh lemony feel just in your bedroom you can surely go for this one of the most refreshing floral home decor ideas. Take one big glass vase of any shape and creatively fill it with some herbs like basil or lavenders. You can choose different shades of greens in this matter to give your floral arrangement a spectacular appearance. Some fresh lemon will add that ‘oh-so-beautiful’ effect to it. And this is just perfect as your summer time house party decoration item. Feel fresh every time you look at it.

Color-pencil Vase:

Want to try your hands on some DIY floral home decor ideas? Then go for this quirky pencil vase. Start with a simple glass vase and go on gluing all your pencils onto it. Try to be color coordinated for a shaded effect. Once you are done, tie a cute ribbon around the vase and your quirky pencil vase is ready. Put some pretty flowers of your choice in it and it is one among the prettiest floral home décor ideas you could go for.


Hanging Floral Pendants:

This project is much simpler and more fun to do. You can make smaller pendants as well as big geometrical pendants according to your needs. Gather some wooden skewers, floral tapes, wire, wire cutters, floral sheers, hot glue and gun, and of course some pretty and dainty flowers. You can even use the buds and blooms if you want. When the pendants are done making, hang them at one corner and your evening back yard party is all decked up.


Whites In The Rainbow:

Rainbows are so fantastic to look at, right? Then what if we create some rainbow effect in our home with this one of the easiest floral home decor ideas? Let’s go for it. You need some bud vases, some food coloring items (preferably some white), cute flowers like daisies and mums (as white will go the best in this arrangement), and some water. Make these DIY vases and get amazed by the beautiful contrast you have just created.


We know you have already got fascinated and really want to revamp your home with these prettiest floral home decor ideas. So do not waste much time and give your home summer fresh and breezy makeover with these pretty floral arrangement ideas.

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