8 Unique DIY Barn Wood Project Ideas You Would Love To Try

Barn woods are those recycled woods from other constructions or buildings which you can intelligently incorporate in your home decoration stuff. They give your home that extra edge of rustic appeal and their distressed feel will definitely add another level of unique coziness to your entire home interior. Here, we’ve put together some brilliant DIY barn wood project ideas that are easy to build, affordable and will enhance the look of your home instantly. Look how functional these barn wood boards can be in a very subtle and vintage way.

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Unique DIY Barn Wood Project Ideas You Would Love To Try:

Rustic DIY Wall Clock:


Want to make a very big statement piece for your drawing room? This DIY barn wood project will definitely help you to make a big impression on your guests. This has that breezy beachy feel to it and is very easy to accomplish the project. You need some wood boards to assemble together and make a background first and then work on it to make it a real clock. Once you are done, hang this beautiful piece of creativity on the wall and praise how it all turned out.


Wine Rack:


With a very few supplies from your nearby hardware store, you can start this project of wonder. Neatly cut the boards to the desired sizes and join all the boards together to give it a chic rack structure. You can also add the names of the wines to their respective shelves by spray painting the chalkboard. Such a unique, simple and statement artwork it will turn out to be.


Barn Wood House Number Sign:


You don’t really want to make a very big and complex project every time. A small and creative piece of a DIY project can make big difference in your home decoration. This cute, little wooden house number sign project justifies that fact. Some black and white numbers, a rustic wood board, some plain twines and a pinch of a creative mind. You are done with this project. Hang it from a tree in your yard or just place it at the main entrance and you are good to go.


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DIY Serving Tray:


The world of DIY is a free world and you are free here to make anything you want and in every possible way you want. The idea of barn wood serving tray is something we just adore. When you serve the food and a hot cup of coffee in it, it just screams out for attention. Add some quirky handles to it and make it food-safe, sand it, and seal it. We have this excellent tutorial for you to make you go.


DIY Wood Planters:


If you are in love with DIYing and love to give your home unique makeover every time, you should certainly try out this lovely DIY barn wood project idea. Some easy drilling and nailing game and your planters are ready. Jazz up your outdoor with colorful flowers and greeneries with these outstanding groups of wooden planter baskets.


Barn Wood Room Divider:


Room dividers are among those functional pieces of home décor stuff that have their own important purposes and they make wonderful statement decoration accents as well. And when they are made up of those vintage barn wood boards, the beauty reaches the zenith actually. You can keep them unpolished for a more rustic look or just paint them in popped out colors or monochromes if want to play with some theme game and they will just instantly give your home that perfect makeover.


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Barn Wood Headboard:


Headboards are quite in fashion and they work as fantastic home décor accents in your bedroom. If you want that boho-charm and countryside rustic vibe in your most personal space, then barn wood can do wonder actually. In this picture right below, the distressed, dark stained wood headboard looks effortlessly cool and classy.


Sliding Barn Doors:


This DIY barn wood project is exciting, fun and the most amazing part is that it does not really look ‘home-made’. It certainly looks high-end and gorgeous. You can use them as optional room dividers or bathroom doors or even as wardrobe doors. Customize them with color variations and give your home makeover like never before. You can hang some rope wreaths onto them and add some golden or silver hardware to make the doors even chicer.


There are some home décor raw materials in our world which are so much versatile that you can go on making anything with them and will end up making gorgeous pieces of artwork. Such a thing is this barn wood and our DIY barn wood project ideas must have inspired you to the core, we believe. From small decorating pieces to headboards to doors to wall art to pretty much everything, barn woods can be transformed into gorgeous beauties. In an all boring room, only one piece of barn wood stuff can add that desired freshness or else, you can go for an all barn wood themed farmhouse kind of room where starting from your bed, storage places, mirror, clock everything can have a decent amount of wooden talk. The choice is yours and the ideas are surely gonna get influenced by us, right? Good day to all of you.

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